310 Washington Hall Antiques & Interiors

The slide show represents recent works.  Some works rely on repurposed art works as background as the subject art or foreground is created on top of prints or even other paintings.  Effects are then created by scrubbing, bleaching, scraping the background, then watercolors, acrylics and pen work is applied on top in washes, etc., before it is all sealed with a clear coating. Each work is an original and copyrighted work.

Robert Riddle is the resident artist residing at 310 Washington Hall.  Mr. Riddle was born in 1944 and currently is still working although retired.  His art career spans  several decades beginning in high school to the present day.  During his art education period he studied under the well known Cincinnati artist, Robert Fabe.  Working almost exclusively in acrylics, his work includes abstracts, portraits, landscapes, etc. His paintings are in several collections in the Alabama area. He has designed award winning sets for theater productions.  He also has is a writer and playwright.  He day jobs include being an art broker, antique dealer and appraiser.  Please email him your interests:  artformanart@gmail.com